Active ingredient of ‘mou dan pi’ fights diabetes

February 20, 2007  
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CM NEWSMu dan pi (cortex moutan, 牡丹皮; root bark of Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews) is one of the common herbs found in anti-diabetic traditional Chinese medicine formulae. However, what constitutes its anti-diabetic effect is established only recently in a study by researchers in Hong Kong. Read more

Toxic herb ‘lei gong teng’ can limit tumour growth

February 17, 2007  
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CM NEWS – A substance in traditional Chinese herb lei gong teng (雷公藤, Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f., Radix Tripterygium wilfordii, three-wing-nut) is found to be effective in prohibiting tumour growth in colon cancer and leukemia patients, according to a recently published study completed by the Institute of Hematologic Disease at Zhejiang University, China. Read more

Acupuncture helps control pain during delivery, study finds

February 14, 2007  
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acupuncture needle, pain, deliveryCM NEWS – Acupuncture is able to help first time moms to better endure pain and labour duration during delivery without side effects, according to a recently published study. Read more

Chinese medicine relieves arthritis, protects joints

February 13, 2007  
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wuyao, radix linderae, arthritis, chinese medicineCM NEWS – A group of Chinese researchers find that a TCM herb radix linderae (wu yao, 烏藥) could be used in treating rheumatoid arthritis because radix linderae is found to be able to suppresses inflammation and protects joints from destruction. Read more

Chinese medicine powder, decoction as effective as Prozac

February 11, 2007  
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CM NEWS – Chinese researchers have been able to demonstrate in a recent study that the combined use of two ancient traditional Chinese medical formulas has a similar effect of Prozac for the treatment of depression-driven somatic disorders.

The objective of the study done at the the Eighth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City by HT Yu is to compare the efficacy of Chinese medicine and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), fluoxetine (brand name Prozac), on somatic disorder and to explore the advantage of Chinese medicine. The two Chinese medicinal formulas used are Xiaoyao Powder (逍遙散) and Wendan Decoction (溫膽湯). Read more