Meat eaters’ sperm stinks: vegans

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August 4, 2007  
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ABC News – Vegans, a new study has found, are grossed out by sex with meat eaters, and some so-called “vegansexuals” only want to roll in the alfalfa with other super strict vegetarians.

A recent study conducted in New Zealand found that vegans notoriously finicky eaters who don’t eat meat or animal byproducts, like eggs and dairy don’t like the idea of swapping spit (or anything else) with those who have been dining on flesh.

Annie Potts, a researcher at the University of Canterbury’s Centre for Human-Animal Studies, noted that vegans, particularly women, found sex with meat eaters disgusting.

Vegans, she told ABC from New Zealand, don’t like sex with carnivores, for personal reasons: “They’re attracted to people with similar interests;” ideological reasons: “they see meat eaters’ bodies as being composed of the lives of others;” and sexual reasons: “they didn’t want to engage in intimate sex … because of the smells and tastes of their body fluids.”

Potts sampled 157 vegans, 120 of whom were female.

All of the women, according to Potts, fell along a continuum. Some expressed discontent with being with meat-eating men, while others would sleep only with other vegans.

“It is totally, totally true,” said Janna Cunnigham, a 46-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., native, about the smells and tastes of carnivores.

“Their body odor is pungent. Their sweat is extremely smelly. Their spit, and all their body fluids, are strong and stinky. Vegetarian people are not so smelly,” Cunningham, who has been a vegetarian for 32 years, and a vegan for 10, told ABC

Cunningham added that she has dated both meat eaters and vegetarians, but would stick to seeing only vegetarians in the future.

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  1. Terry on Sat, 11th Aug 2007 7:26 am 

    I suppose it make sense that vegans should feel this way. Toxins from digesting meat and meat products remain in the body and would conceivably be present in bodily fluids. It has been noted that Japanese people can “smell” dairy products on westerners as well!

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