Corn fungus may fight childhood cancer

January 27, 2008  
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corn2.jpgCM NEWS – German researchers have successfully isolated a toxin from a common corn fungus which could bring hope in treating neuroblastoma, a tumour of the nervous system in children. Read more

TCM has huge potentials: ‘Iron Lady’

January 25, 2008  
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Xinhua – The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has broad prospects and huge potentials in its development, Chinese vice premier Wu Yi said. Read more

Electric acupuncture helps insomnia

January 24, 2008  
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sishenchongCM NEWS – Using electric acupuncture to needle 4 “extraordinary” acupoints on the top of the head might have impressive effect on treating insomnia, a recent study indicates.

Researchers at the Shandong Provincial Hospital in China evaluated the clinical therapeutic effect of electric acupuncture at a set of 4 acupoints Sishencong (EX-HN 1, “Four Brightening Spirits”, ???) on insomnia. Read more

Drug alert: ‘Urine disease’ product contains heavy metals

January 24, 2008  
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yeniujynHealth Canada release – Health Canada is warning Canadians not to use the unauthorized product Yeniujyn (Chinese name: ?????) because the product contains heavy metal contaminants and may pose a serious health risk. Yeniujyn is advertised as a natural health product, for adults and children, to be used “to cure involuntary passage of urine diseases.” The product was found to contain high levels of lead and arsenic. Read more

Lingzhi slows progress of Alzheimer’s

January 23, 2008  
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CM NEWS – The legendary lingzhi mushroom has been shown to have another potential therapeutic function: to slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. Read more

Medical plants ‘face extinction’, magnolia included

January 19, 2008  
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BBC – Hundreds of medicinal plants are at risk of extinction, threatening the discovery of future cures for disease, according to experts.

Over 50% of prescription drugs are derived from chemicals first identified in plants. Read more

Lingzhi spores products’ breakage rate questioned

January 17, 2008  
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CM NEWS, Hong Kong Consumer Council release – Are products of lingzhi spores??????as good as their manufacturers’ claim? One claim seemingly universal among the manufacturers is the assertion over the breakage rate of the spores – that each and every spore and its wall are fully broken or cracked open purportedly to maximize the efficacy of the product. Read more

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