Writing ‘deepest thoughts’ improves quality of life of cancer patients

February 24, 2008  
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Georgetown University Medical Centre release – Expressive writing — writing about ones deepest thoughts and feelings — may help change the way cancer patients think and feel about their disease. Read more

‘Fundamental’ herb reverses drug resistance of cancer cells

February 16, 2008  
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wu-wei-zi1.jpgCM NEWS – One of the 50 fundamental traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, Wu wei zi (五味子), contains substances that could “remarkably” reverse multidrug resistance of cancer cells, according to a study done at Standford University. Read more

Blood test detects ovarian cancer early

February 15, 2008  
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Reuters – Researchers have developed what they believe is the first blood test that accurately detects ovarian cancer at an early stage. Read more

‘Engineered’ virus slows stubborn cancers

February 14, 2008  
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CM NEWS – A lab-engineered virus has been proved to slow the growth of two particularly stubborn solid tumour cancers – neuroblastoma and peripheral nerve sheath tumours – without harming healthy tissues, according to study results published in the Cancer Research. Read more

New anti-cancer drug maybe from sea algae

February 11, 2008  
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cyanobacteria.jpgCM NEWS, UCSD release – A team of researchers has identified a potent new anti- drug isolated from a toxic blue-green algae found in the South Pacific. Read more

Indian herb prevents cancer progress

February 10, 2008  
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acanthus-ilicifolius.jpgCM NEWS – An Indian medicinal plant Acanthus ilicifolius shows encouraging results in preventing liver cancer cells from progressing, dubbed chemoprevention, according to a study. Read more

Corn fungus may fight childhood cancer

January 27, 2008  
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corn2.jpgCM NEWS – German researchers have successfully isolated a toxin from a common corn fungus which could bring hope in treating neuroblastoma, a tumour of the nervous system in children. Read more

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