70% breast cancer patients use alternative medicine

July 24, 2007  
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CM NEWS – Younger women with higher anxiety level about cancer are more likely to try complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), a study says. Findings say about 70% of breast cancer patients or survivors choose CAM and the most popular CAM is herbs. Read more

How does ginseng kill cancer cells?

June 21, 2007  
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CM NEWS – Ginseng, a herbal medicine used extensively for centuries in oriental medicine including Chinese, Korean and Japanese as a general tonic to promote longevity can be effective in combating cancer, diabetes, stress, fatigues and oxidants. These effects of ginseng are mainly attributed to a group of compounds called ginsenosides, which recent studies indicate that they might act in a similar way as steroid hormones. Read more

Ginseng, flaxseed may fight cancer, but shark cartilage worthless, studies say

June 2, 2007  
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AP – The first scientific tests of some popular alternative medicine products hint that American might lessen fatigue and that might slow the growth of prostate tumours. Read more

Green tea protects against gallbladder cancer, bile stones

May 26, 2007  
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CM NEWS – Tea consumption might have been linked to reduced risks of gallbladder cancers and bile stones, although the mechanism is yet to be determined, a large study says.

In another post, green tea is reported to cut colon cancer risks by as much as 60%.

Biliary tract cancers, encompassing tumours of the gallbladder, extrahepatic bile ducts and ampulla of Vater, are rare but highly fatal malignancies. Apart from gallstones, etiologic factors for biliary tract cancer are not clearly defined. Read more

Diuretic Chinese medicine found to limit tumour growth

May 24, 2007  
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CM NEWS – A centuries-old traditional Chinese medicine used commonly as a diuretic and fever fighting drug has been newly discovered as being able to inhibit tumour growth in mice with cervical cancer. Read more

Combined Western-traditional medicine could boost cancer treatment: expert

April 22, 2007  
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AP – Western science and traditional Chinese medicine could be combined to enhance treatment of and other diseases, an oncology professor told a medical forum. Read more

Traditional Chinese medicine eases chemotherapy side effects

April 21, 2007  
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Earth Times – Traditional Chinese medicine could help ease the side effects of chemotheraphy for cancer patients, according to a study carried out by researchers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, media reports said. Read more

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